Gravesend MCC

Gravesend MCC Motorcycle Club

The Good, The Bad & The Rest

Neil - President (13). RUG LIP.. CALL HIM ON  118-118       

Roj - Vice President (13). Shit House And Vice President since 2008     

Sim The Boat (13). Floats His Boat And Occasionally Rides His Bandit.


 Wakey - Members and Regalia Rep. Always Up For It.

Donna - Keeps Wakey Awake.

Lord Dodgey - Name Says It All.

 Angzilla - Lord Dodgey's better half

Astrix - Our Cartoon Hero.

Della - Astrix's Carer.
 Ginger Dave (13) - Our Ginger Boat Captain                             

Mumbles (13) - TRANSLATOR PLEASE            

 Big Dave - Treasurer. Workaholic, Pegleg & Bad Email Reader.

Smee - The Pirate With a Heart Of Gold & A Big Bag Of Sweets.

Bob The Clubfather - The Clubfather, Enough said!

 JB -Secretary.   The Man With The Italian Stallion

Rainman - Members Rep.  If you want to know what the weather is NOT going to do, he's the man to ask

 Lion - He's got a ticket to ride

 Hoover - Our Entire German Chapter.

CLUB STARTED  20th  March 2008
SHAL.                      R.I.P